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Prerequisites & Tech Notes

We assume that you already understand the basics of the market - such as how stocks and bonds are traded, what a futures contract is, and so forth. These lessons will not teach you how a futures contract works, or how to place an order, or what a "margin call" is. We will not explain slippage, spot transactions, or the difference between technical and fundamental analysis.

If you feel that you need a more thorough grounding in these areas, there are several standard textbooks which give an excellent treatment of these subjects, and we encourage you to read them. Drummond's book "How to Make Money in the Futures Market ...and lots of it" is one such introduction -- and you will get it free when you enroll for the first five lessons.

In these lessons, however, we will explain the concepts of P&L technical analysis -- ranging from the simple to the rather obscure -- when they are relevant to the topic at hand.

We will also provide any mathematical or technical background that you will need. Our goal here is to provide material which can be easily followed by traders at all levels, ranging from the novice to the very advanced.


Tech Notes

The P&L School is a self-paced home instruction program, and the time required will vary by individual. However, students should expect to spend up to five hours studying each lesson, and completing the assignments that accompany each lesson.


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