Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine review:

"Drummond Geometry gave insights that couldn’t be seen anywhere else. Ultimately, we found that
using DG to confirm our usual set of
techniques gave greater confidence...

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review by John Hill

In the late 1970’s Charles Drummond introduced a technical book relating to 3 day moving averages and how to trade them for short term profits. These studies have recently been expanded into a computer driven study course. The lessons are easy to understand and are well organized. The use of multiple time frames for analysis is simply great. The genius of Charles Drummond and Ted Hearne is evident in these many lessons and I am completely convinced that this is one of the better training courses available to the public. It is not inexpensive and unless one is willing to devote many hours to studying the material, you may not get value. However if you do devote the time and study to the material, you have the distinct possibility of coming away with an understanding of market dynamics which is 2nd to none. You will also derive trading strategies which will improve your trading results.

Highly recommended for the serious student.




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