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The 1-1 Paper
by Charles Drummond

This is a transcript of a 3-day presentation that Charles Drummond gave to approximately 40 advanced students in 1985. During this presentation, Charles Drummond swore to himself that he would never again give a 2-3 or even one-day seminar.

He has, however, since then given several three-hour presentations, such as the Accumulation/Distribution Paper, which is a follow-up to the 1-1 Paper. That said, it is a matter of record that many who attended the 1-1 Paper Seminar, consider it to have been one of Drummond's best events.

Since the 1-1 Paper is a transcript, it appears disjointed and hard to read, so basically it is not a good reference tool in the sense of clarity and ease of use. It is therefore provided free of charge and included with the purchase of the Accumulation/Distribution Paper. The material in the 1-1 Paper is genuine and helpful, however, despite the difficulty of the presentation.


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