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Pattern Picking Paper
by Charles Drummond

This paper deals with the issue of "Pattern Picking." A market pattern will either "hold" and be valid or it will "break" and not be valid. This work reveals that in P&L terms the pattern that does not work is the mirror image of that which does. The student learns to use this reality to collect the patterns they are comfortable with, and be further directed by the proposition that is expressed in the 'Psycho-Paper'96' and "Predicting the Next Weeks' Highs and Lows', that a healthy balance of conception, mechanical, and emotional 'centers' is required for good trading. When the trade is executed, it must be mechanical in execution but conceptually based, with emotions playing no role at all.

From a user:
"Still working on your recent authorships (Psycho-Paper /Pattern Picking/ Predicting Next Week's Highs and Lows). Absolutely awesome. The thoughts contained - the work would qualify for a Ph.D. dissertation - I think you put that much work into it!"


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