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Predicting the Next Week's High and Low
by Charles Drummond

Just after the Advanced Manual first came out (1980), Drummond used to keep in touch with the 'students', usually monthly, and at the end of each year, he gave his predicted high and low for the oncoming year. To follow is a graphical representation of a summary created in 1982, as to a record of what was predicted in the year 1980, and that is shown herein. The thrust of this 'paper' is to show how he did it. As you can see, the predictions were quite accurate. They are based on the simple geometric format that can be achieved on any time period: thus one can geometrically predict within reason, the high and low for the next week, as well as the next year.

To Quote:

Anyway, before we start our exercises, I want to look at the record of those yearly guesses I made for 1980, 1981, ,,, they rather speak for themselves, and if you doubt their authenticity, I may be able to drag out some old P&L'ers who remember this. And, remember, that these projections were basically visual, simply coming quickly from my noggin,,,(brain), without little focus on my part, as to what I was doing. ( in a flash, I did it.) This same format, will be portrayed in our exercises tonight, as we go through the weekly charts, and the rationale will reveal itself.

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