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The P&L Institute and "Mogs" for Advanced Students
by Charles Drummond
The P&L Institute is a virtual meeting ground for those interested in furthering their understanding of P&L theory and Drummond Geometry. It is founded on the writings of Charles Drummond and dedicated to continuing research on thought processes, energy, and geometric associations. Consequently, the P&L Institute intends to:
  • provide information on the work
  • maintain its highly specialized nature
  • further research related to the work
  • set the standards for the work

As a member, you will have access to:

  • The "MOGS," an on-going series of research and technical tips on trading current markets.
  • A huge historical library of useful information
  • Case studies of market situations
  • FAQ's on Drummond Geometry and P&L trading
  • A discussion forum where advanced users can post questions and get replies
  • Occasional papers and lectures
  • Postings of questions and comments on the Lessons

As a member, you will also find items which are updated weekly or daily:

  • Special studies - updated weekly, and perhaps someday, daily
  • Long Term Charts - the five year, two and half, one year charts : updated at random
  • Grand View - bizarre and mundane issues of 'fundamentals'.

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