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Charles Drummond on Advanced P&L
by Charles Drummond

The following is a copy of the "Introduction". This is a major work; it was written due to the interest that "How to Make Money in the Futures Market... and Lots of It" created in 1978 and subsequent years. Drummond did not expect much interest in this work, since he regarded this analysis merely as a reasonably interesting form of analysis only.


I will let this book speak for itself. I do not wish to influence the purchaser, as to how U will approach this book. We are all big boys and girls now, and make decisions for ourselves. If U have any questions, please do not hesitate to write. I most certainly intend to write to U. It is not my intent to offer this book to U, and then to forget about it. It will take time for U to grasp all that is in this manual, and we also have many years down the road of commodity trading. If U wish to walk down the same road, I shall see U on route.

By the way, if U are a busy person, U may find too much in this manual for the moment. But, put it on the shelf .... U may find it invaluable as the years pass by. Which brings me to a point. When I decided to write this manual, I decided that I wud cram it pretty full, rather than piece-meal the info out over the years, as a sort of career in systems writing, and if it is too much, that is not my problem. Also, I wud like to mention that many, many people have written to me, asking that I give seminars. Well, I decided on something that wud give a whole year's worth of study to the purchaser, rather than a week-end 20-30 page,sit-in. Much more for the money this way, I shud think. Also, I am serious about restricting sales, as U can probably gather. The thrust of this is that I will be physically able to maintain contact with this manual's students.

Writing style is meant to be a bit wandering and friendly. I think I won with that decision. Restricted sales, also means that I need not be that serious about typing errors. I caught most of them.


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