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Knowing Where the Energy is Coming From
by Charles Drummond

This 1995 study and workshop is available free to Advanced Students who are completing their studies.

The manual demonstrates the essential implementation of theories learned to date, and assists students who are well-advanced in their studies get the "feel" of market energy. The argument is that one should know where the energy is coming from, and when you understand that, you should be able to feel it, since it is there. This is an excellent summary of P&L methodology, and very special as an overview, as it helps the student view both the forest and the trees.

To follow is the introduction to this presentation, which advises the student to keep this information very close to their chest. Available only if the student has progressed through the 'Advanced Manual,' 'Labs,' and 'Accumulation/Distribution Paper'

Comment from a user:

"Reading and DIGESTING your December 95 'Knowing Energy Paper' again. As far as I am concerned, that little jewel is the most important piece of information that I have ever SEEN...Many thanks for your sincere help with P&L."

To Quote

There have been nine depressions since the mid-16th century. And, in each, it is due to excessive buildup of credit and debit. And, it seems to happen every 60 years. Presumably we are due for one right now. With each, of course, we have the psycho issue in so many dimensions, and collapse of property values, ruining independent businessmen, and interestingly, each has serious political consequences, and the usual social distress, whatnot. Also, each seems to relate to shifts in various paradigms. The current one seems to be creating the demise of communism, but, I would not be so sure, but, let's say it is, and also there is the possibility that we have the demise of capitalism, much to the delight of Marxists. If any of this is true, and let's say it is, or does it really matter, since, what may be occurring, much like the onset of the 'Industrial Age', is that the current one seems to be rallying around a society that is reorganizing itself around people who can increase productivity and innovation through information or knowledge. If we take that 'knowledge' is the new nucleus, the resource of highest value, replacing capital, labor, and materials as the raw components of progress, then the people who carry the knowledge will carry the day. I mention this, because in our discussions we are dealing with knowledge, something you personally can use, to better your own life. If this is so, then you should be careful to keep this knowledge close to your chest.


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