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When installing either the P&L Lessons Demo or any of the regular sets of Lessons, the first thing to do is to make sure that the CD is in the CD tray, that it is clean, and that you are typing the installation command line clearly. For the latter, the correct command to type after going to Start and then Run is:


Note: This is true if "d:\" is the path to your CD-ROM drive. If your CD-ROM's drive letter is "e," then you will need to type:


There are two alternate ways to install the program. The first is to use Windows Explorer to browse to the drive containing the CD, and then clicking on "Setup.exe." If you do not see a file with this precise name, go to the View, Options screen in Explorer. Make sure that the "Hide files extensions for known file types" box is unchecked. When you click "OK," you will see that the full extension will now be displayed if it previously was not.

The final way to install the lessons is to go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Click on "Install" and Windows will search your CD-ROM drive for an installation executable file (which is "setup.exe") and will prompt your through a series of windows to begin the installation process.

If after all of this you are not able to get the Lessons to install, call Technical Support at Ted Hearne Associates, Inc. between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time at either (773) 728-6996 or (800) 552-2317, and we will assist you in installing the lessons.


You will be able to access the lessons once the security program has successfully run. This can only be completed with a unique security code that will be given to you by Ted Hearne Associates, Inc. Call between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time at either (773) 728-6996 or (800) 552-2317, and we will generate a security code for you.

If for whatever reason you receive a message indicating that the security on the program was unsuccessful, call Tech Support at Ted Hearne Associates, Inc. for assistance in troubleshooting your problem.



If you are running the Lessons, you should hear the audio portion of the program. If you hear no audio, first verify that all of the cables to your speakers are properly plugged in and that the cord is plugged into the correct outlet on the back of your computer (usually marked "Line Out" or "Speaker").

If you still are not getting any sound, make sure that you have the sound turned up on your speakers.

If you still don't have any sound, go to Start, Programs, Accessories, Multimedia, Volume Control. Make certain that all of the volume controls are at least half way up and that the mute boxes are not checked.



The P&L Lessons contain within them all the necessary video drivers for viewing the lessons, so in general there should be no problem watching the audiovisual segments of the lessons.

If a video animation fails to play or play all the way through, the difficulty usually is that your computer does not have enough RAM available. Make certain that you are not running any programs other than the P&L Lessons at the same time. If your computer does not have adequate system resources, it is possible for a video not to play successfully.

If the videos will not play at all, call Technical Support at Ted Hearne Associates, Inc.

Are you running on NT?

If you are operating under Microsoft NT 4.0, there are two important considerations in installing the P&L Lessons. First, you should make sure that you are logged in with administrative privileges. Second, make certain that you have applied at least NT Service Pack 3 to your operating system. The latest service packs are available as a free download from Microsoft. Visit their website at www.microsoft.com and follow the links under Download to find the appropriate NT service pack.

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