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User Comments:
Congratulations on doing a great job on the course! Good organization, short and to the point, well illustrated, and excellent exercises. I especially like the way you incorporated flow from the very beginning.
--Curtis Byford

Words of advice to a trader considering taking the course...
"One other thing, and maybe the most important...I'm convinced Charlie is "the real thing," meaning that rare individual who is a very successful trader and also likes to teach others...and that Ted has worked very hard for two years to put this package together. I think it's excellent."
--Curtis Byford

I thought your statement was very good in that it gave a very organized, concise, approach to trading...and it reflected very closely how I am approaching trading at the current time.
-K.C., Chicago

I, too, have studied Elliott, Gann, Fibonacci, Delta, the rest of Wilder's work, Williams and a host of other stuff. P&L differs from all of them because it is much more of a leading method, as opposed to a lagging one. And it quickly enables one to switch from trend to congestion mode. ...P&L is the best for determining what is currently happening and therefore what is likely to happen.

The best thing I ever did was to stop trading long enough to focus on absorbing the P&L theory and then to objectively observe the market action in the context of P&L.Most trading methods are like driving a car while looking in the rear view mirror. Conversely, P&L is one that actually looks forward to the potential turns up ahead. Then it is simply a matter of seeing whether the car starts to turn.
--W. Bhame, Georgia

I appreciate the time you spent with me last week overviewing the efforts you have put forth developing the P&L School. You have accomplished a great deal. This is fine work. Congratulations!
--R. Anton, Tennessee

Thank you for the wonderful time we spent the other evening. It was very interesting and I am ready to resume my journey to a better understanding of the P&L methodology. You were very precise in explaining your efforts and intentions.
--E. Messmer, Illinois

From a Singapore trader . . .
I have received your dispatch containing the DG indicators and the descriptive booklet. Thanks. "About the indicators, I have added the envelopes to my own trading. The envelopes are very helpful, good fun, and I use them to great advantage. They have helped me tremendously in my trading. I avoided at least one disaster in the S&P.... Through my other methodology I sold the index at 1245, then went to sleep. I awoke with a rude shock to find that I was in deep draw-down. Normal market wisdom dictates that I should take the loss and exit at once, even in the Globex session. Not this time. I decided to take a peek at the DG indicators and found a couple of strong resistance points that might stop the upswing in its track, in the extreme, the weekly ET. I stood my ground confidently. Whatever my level of Drummondacy I seemed to call it correctly and as I have said, the market made a full-scale retreat. Without the DG tools I would have surely exited the market for a big loss.
-- W.C. Chan, Singapore


"Thanks for staying on top of things. I am day-trading bonds and doing quite well, thank you. I find something useful in the Lessons every day.... Good job formatting the "questions to ask" in congestion type trading. Everyone wants a "set of rules" but I would much rather have a set of questions to ask under certain circumstances and have the answers lead the way."
-- A California Trader


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